The Process of Using Dental Implants

Some people are afraid to go to the dentist due to a fear of pain or discomfort. Others are embarrassed about the way their teeth and gums look. Yet these are professionals and they are there to help you. Understanding the process for dental implants in Greensboro that can put your mind at ease. Most people have very little discomfort during or after the procedure. With proper care your gums will heal well.
There are several steps to the procedure for dental implants from Teeth that need to be extracted will be removed. Incisions will be made in the gums to place the post. This is going to adhere to the remaining bone. You will have stitches to help the area heal. It can take several months for the posts to attach to the bone well enough for the actual tooth to be added.
Don’t worry; you will have a temporary tooth or dental implants for your set of teeth to cover that area until it is time to add the permanent ones. You don’t need to have a post for each tooth that is going to be replaced. One post can hold several replacement teeth. Make sure you take care of your temporaries so they don’t crack or break.
Once it is time for the permanent ones to be attached, you will go to the dentist. They will screw them into the posts. This is going to give them the look and feel of real teeth. Dentures can move and slip. Even partial dentures can be tough to care for as they are a breeding ground for germs. This can cause additional damage in your mouth to the remaining teeth and your gums.
Follow the instructions of your dentist after the implants have been completed. You will need to avoid pressure on the teeth for some time. You will need to eat a diet of soft foods for several weeks. Make sure you keep all of your scheduled follow up appointments so they can monitor your healing. Take good care of your teeth and gums during the healing process too.
If you notice anything out of the ordinary with your dental implants, let your dentist in Greensboro know immediately. They will give you a list of things to watch for that could signal an infection or other risk factor. Don’t ignore such information as taking care of the issue early will get you back on track.
The exact steps will depend on your needs for dental implants and your overall health. Some patients will need to have bone grafts done before the posts can be put in place. This is to help build up the bone in the areas where the posts will be secured. Your dentist in Greensboro that can share with you the exact procedures to follow for your needs.
You will be given a local antiesthetic at the dental office to reduce any pain or discomfort while you are there. There may be pain medications give to you after the procedures to help alleviate any discomfort during the healing process.