Solving Problems with Fastener Manufacturers in USA

Working closely with fastener manufacturers in USA is very important. Forging a solid relationship based on trust and respect is also important. It is a business deal that should benefit both parties involved. If you have a problem, give them the opportunity to fix it. The issue may be temporary or they may need to make changes in their business practices.
Talking to the fasteners manufacturer is the best way to get results. Be calm, logical, and present the problem without emotions involved. Let the manufacturer know what has occurred, why it is a problem, and the type of solution you are looking for. When possible, set up a face to face meeting for the discussions to occur. If that isn’t possible than call the fastener manufacturer in USA so that there is that personal touch you can’t get with emails.
Share the details of the problem so they can find solution that works. Show them items you got that were damaged or not up to your standards. They can go back to their crews and get to the bottom of it. They aren’t going to allow such shoddy work to continue being sent out and there will be in house changes.
If they seem to be late on deliveries of your items often in USA, that can hold up your own work on your need. They need to identify where the bottleneck is so they can get your items to you in a timely fashion. Perhaps the fastener manufacturer has outgrown their resources and it is time for them to expand. They may have a problem with machines breaking down and they need to replace them to save time.
Does the cost seem to be increasing? Find out why because there may be factors they can control. If the cost of materials goes up, they may have no choice but to increase their prices. The same with shipping contracts. They have to make a profit in the USA and there are certain things they don’t have any control over.
Are you able to be flexible with what is going on? Once you hear their side of it, you may be able to see what is going on and offer suggestions. If they give you the run around or they place blame, it is a red flag they really don’t care if they continue to have your business or not. That may be a sign you need to start looking at other entities. You should be in control, not at their mercy to get it right!
If you have had problems with a fastener manufacturers in USA and they aren’t willing to make changes, you may need to change providers. If you continue to have a variety of problems, they may not have the right internal set up to be at the level you need from them. Do give them the opportunity to fix it but if that isn’t on their agenda or they fall through with the proposal it is time to move on.