How Much can I Sell Zippos for Sale for?

You may have Zippos for sale or an entire collection you would like to sell. Perhaps you need the money for something else or you just no longer want to own them. Regardless of why you decide to sell your zippos for sale you need to get them in the best condition possible. Clean them up and make sure they are in working condition. Don’t be lazy when it comes to simple repairs. The time invested in them can significantly increase the price you get on click here.
Once you have them cleaned up and working as well as you can, do your homework. Find out what they are worth based on their codes and other identifying markers. Such information should be stamped on the bottom of each lighter. It is easy enough to find out the average price for them based on those numbers. If there is any damage to the Zippos for sale or it doesn’t work, that will reduce the price you get for it.
Items that have been personalized are going to hold less overall value than Zippos for sale that aren’t. This is because they may have an engraved name or message on them. You can still sell them but they are going to hold the most value to you as the owner or to someone close to you whom you may decide to pass them along to. The sentimental value is going to be much higher than the retail value of such lighters.
Take photos so you can get the word out there about the Zippos for sale you have for sale. Take several photos of each so you can show the top, bottom, sides, opened, and closed. The more information you can share, the more people will be interested in them. Make sure you are available to answer questions. People will expect you to get back to them timely.
Set a price for each one and decide if you are firm with those prices or not. If you are, state that information. Otherwise, potential buyers are going to try to negotiate with you on those prices. If you open it up to negotiations, know your bottom line for each of the Zippos for sale that you have. If you are willing to accept less than your asking price, this can result in more deals being completed.
What types of payment will you accept? If you sell online, make sure you get a legitimate type of payment that can be verified. How will you ship it? Make sure you send it with tracking and insurance. The packing needs to be very secure too so the Zippos that are for sale that aren’t damaged during the transit.
If you sell face to face, it is a good idea to have a cash only policy. Then you can give them the lighter they want for the money you agreed upon. It should be a smooth and easy exchange with both of you walking away happy with the outcome.
If you set your prices too high, you aren’t going to be able to sell your Zippos for sale. Make sure you are reasonable when it comes to prices and to accepting offers. It all depends on how motivated you are to sell them!