Finding an Immigration Attorney Near Me in New Jersey

A legal case over your head can be scary, and if you are in the country illegally, you may be very worried about deportation. If you do have a green card, you may be fearful it is going to be taken away from you if you are convicted of your chargers. Finding an immigration attorney near me in New Jersey to represent you in a court case is very important.

Discuss the Case with a Visa Attorney

The immigration attorney is going to need to review the facts of the case. They can get the police report and they can get information from the district attorney in New Jersey to better help your case. Make sure you find you a very skilled immigration attorney near me in New Jersey that specializes in this type of case. Find them early so they have ample time to prepare for your case. Share with them your point of view of what happened. Don’t leave anything out and give them contact information for any possible witnesses they can also talk to.

Possible Outcomes

Your immigration law office will look at the facts of the case and the laws that could apply. They will listen to what you safe and also what any witnesses bring to light. Once the immigration firm in New Jersey has all of these pieces of the puzzle, they can talk to you about the possible outcomes. They should go over everything from the best outcome to the worst. You need to know what you are up against.

The immigration attorney near me in New Jersey should share with you what they feel the outcome will be based on other cases they have handled. Keep in mind, your case has variables that are different  though and they can’t guarantee a given outcome. A citizenship lawyer can help you to weigh the pros and cons though so you know how to proceed.

Reduction of Charges with a Visa Lawyer

If your visa attorney feels there is no merit for the charges, they can talk to the DA about dropping them. This will end the case and you are in the clear if the DA agrees. In other scenarios, the DA may agree to drop some charges but not all of them. A deportation lawyer in New Jersey may agree to reduce the charges and that can also work out in your favor.

If you agree to the reduced charges, your case will never go to court. The charges that will go on your record will be discussed. The consequences you will face based on those charges will also be discussed. You have the final say about accepting that offer or taking your case into the courtroom for a trial.

Good Immigration Lawyers Will Take it to Trial

A trial is very detailed and you need an attorney who can go in there and aggressively fight for you. Before you hire them, think about who you will need in your corner if your case progresses to this stage. You need to feel confident they have the skills to do very well in a trial setting. The best immigration lawyers will also need to be able to successfully prepare you for what takes place at a trial. You may need to take the stand and testify for your own behalf. That isn’t always required, and they can share with you if you should do so or not.